Former name

Strayer Business College

Strayer’s College

The motto is changed through education

Type Private, 4 years, University for Profit

1892 established; 127 years ago

President Brian W. Jones

Student 42,975

Location United States

Campus Online, and 78 American Campus

Website- Strayer.edu

Strayer  University is a private, profit-benefit university in the United States. It was established in 1892 as a Street Business College and later in 1998, after getting university status, Eg Streyer became College. The holder of Strayer  University works under Strayer Education Inc., which was established in 1996.

The University nominates about 40,000 students through its online teaching programs and specializes in degree programs for adults working in 78 states and universities in Washington, DC [University] [8], specialization in accounting, business Provides graduate and postgraduate degrees in such subjects.Information Technology, Education, Criminal Justice, Health Services Administration, and Public Administration.

early history

Dr Siebert Irving Stryker founded Stroy’s Business College in Baltimore, Maryland in 1892. Stores established a college to teach vocational skills to former farm workers, including shorthand, typing and accounting. Thomas Donoho joined the school in 1902. In the first decade of its operation, enrollment in schools gradually increased, attracted students from other states, and in 1904 Stair opened a school in Washington, DC.

After the passage of the Revenue Act of 1913, the demand for trained accountants increased and enrollment increased, and the need for government clerks increased with office skills in World War I. In the 1930s the college was authorized to give a college degree. Washington DC. The Education Board established the Stryker Junior College in 1959 when it was given the right to provide a two-year degree. In 1969, the College received the required recognition for a four-year Bachelor of Arts degree, and its name was changed to Strayer College.

1980s and 1990s

From the late 1980s to the early 1990s, Stear College grew rapidly; 19th Growth 1, 100, and 9th Growth Enhanced Enrollment in Approximately 200 000 to 99 000 [12], the college expanded the degree programs and courses, offered topics such as data processing management and health care management. In 1987, the college was given the authorization to give a Master of Science degree. During the 1990s, the college had started focusing on the offering of information technology courses. According to the Washington Times, due to the increased use of computers in the offices and movement for “knowledge-based” jobs, high demand for computer training in Hoba was the reason for high demand for high computer training. In addition, Strayer started providing training programs in computer information systems for companies like AT & T Corporation and government agencies such as Internal Revenue Service. In 1996, the college started online stereo to offer classes through the Internet.

The 2000s to present

Strayer  University, Miami Florida

In 1998, Streier College was granted university status by the District of Columbia Education Licensing Commission and it became Streier University Striker established his first campus locations outside of Maryland, Virginia and Columbia districts in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Florida. According to the university’s website, Strayer  University now operates additional campuses in Delaware, New Jersey, West Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas and Texas.

Sondra Stellaard was nominated as the Thirteenth President of Strayer University in May 2007. Stellaard was the dean since 1996. Stellaard worked for the first time as Dean of the School of Continuing and Professional Studies at the University of Virginia.

Strait enrollment increased in the 2001 2001 decade, in the fall of 2001, from 14,009 to 2010, it was 60,711. Nominations decreased to 42 by 2015

In 2010, the American Education Department reported that the repayment rate for federal student loans at Strayer University was 25 per cent. The striker claimed to be 55 per cent of his loan repayment rate.

In 2011, the Washington Post claimed that the striker had a 15 per cent graduation rate, it was listed at the lowest college graduation rates in Washington University area. Stryer claimed that the graduation rate for full support of graduate students was 33 per cent. In December 2011, the University acquired the Jack Welch Management Institute from Chancellor University for approximately $ 7 million. The Institute offers full online Executive MBA programs, as well as certificate programs. In 2012, Michael Platter was named the Fourteenth President of Stewart University.

Strayer University Washington D. C.

In. USA, USA Today was listed as a “Red Flag” institution, which was for posting loan rates, which was ahead of their graduation rate.

In October 2013, the University made a major change in its physical activity by announcing the closure of its 20 Midwest campus locations. Striker recorded a decline of 17 percent in total enrollment, while the new nomination fell by 23 percent. It was announced that at present, all enrolled students in the Midwest will continue their education through Strayer’s only online program, Prasad.

In 2015, Brian Jones, former General Counsel of Strayer University, was named as the fifteenth President of the University. Prior to joining Strayer University, Jones was a lawyer and high education entrepreneur. He served as General Counsel of the American Education Department from 2001 to 2005.

In January 2016, Stryer Education announced that the New York Code + Design Academy (NYCDA) was acquired, from which it became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Stream Education, which provides web and mobile development courses.

After a halt in 2013, after opening a campus in Montgomery, Alabama, Stinger began to expand again in 2018.


Comedian and game show host Steve Harvey was a spokeswoman for Strayer and appeared in several commercials and spoke at the inaugural ceremony of Stryer in May 2015.

Striker partnered with Daily Mail in February 2015 to create a new section of the Daily Mail site, which is called Business News. As part of the deal, Daily Mail will co-create education and business content for its new business segment.

Striker announced the start of Strauss @ Work for a new performance improvement solution for businesses in May 2015, Stryker announced a partnership with Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA) in which all participants provided a free college education to the FCA has gone. FCA dealers have paid monthly fees to the dealer employees for sending the dealer employees. Strayer has academic involvement with around 300 Fortune 1000 companies.

In March 2017, Stryer announced the collaboration with financial news network Cheder to produce digital entrepreneurial expertise as part of the MBA program.

In 2018, Queen became Latifah’s spokesperson


More than half the enrolled students at Strayer University take all their courses online, and undergraduate and master’s degree programs can be completed through the internet. In February 2013, about 29,000 of the 48,000 students took their 100 per cent. online course. Students can also take a campus-based program entirely, or take a combination of online and campus-based courses.

Strayer University in Morrisville, North Carolina.

Study University Headquarters Washington D. C.

Mainly in the East and South America, with campus locations. [50] The university campus includes 15 US states as well as Washington DC. In August 2014, Stryver opened its largest campus in Suitland, Maryland.


Graduate degree programs at Staar University require a high school diploma or its equivalent admission. For a bachelor’s degree (including Executive MBA), students have the proof of completing a bachelor’s degree to attend official tape with at least 2.50 cumulative GPA and any other college or university from a recognized college or university. . . [56] The admissions requirements for Jack Welch Executive MBA program include a minimum of 30 undergraduate GPA, a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in the United States and 5 years of professional experience. Associate Degree earned from a collaborative school can be transferred to totality. Post Graduation

Academic programs and accreditation

The main objective of the university is to provide higher education to working adult students. The university’s academic programs include graduate and undergraduate degree programs. Courses offered by the university are business-focused, including courses in business administration and information technology. Accounts can be acquired in subjects like Accounting, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Education, Health Services Administration, Human Resource Management, Information Technology and Public. Administration.

Faculty and students

The total number of students at Strayer University is approximately 43,000. Most students participate in part-time

From the beginning of the 2000s, Stereir University has had a high proportion of minority students or people of colour. Since the 1990s, the college has more female students than men. According to the university, two-thirds strikers are women and more than half are African Americans or Hispanic. The National Center for Education Statistics reports that Stear’s student body is 56 percent black, 21 percent white and 13 percent vegetable.

The average age of the students in college is about 33, and most of the time work full time.

Many students get financial assistance from the federal government’s financial aid programs or the US Department of Education’s Education Support Program and the American Veterinary Affairs Department; U.S. federal sources took Straw’s 2010 revenue to 84.9 percent. In addition, about a quarter of students receive tuition assistance from their employers.


In 2012, a United States Senate Committee reported that by 2010, 83% of the employees were working in stairs, and there was no need to research to focus on teaching.

Student results

According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NO), the 6 years of graduation rate is 20 percent of the style. The college scorecard gave Strayer’s student loan repayment rate to 23 percent. According to the same source, the average salary after being present is $ 45,900

According to research by the Brookings Institution, Steyr University has the fifth largest American student loan, Steyr’s students’ default rate is about 31 percent, and the average repayment of the loan is five years – 7 percent.


Notable alumni of Streier University includes the following:

General Robert Magnus, Retired Assistant Commandant of Marine Corps

Charles Mann, businessman and former NFL football player

M. Virginia Rosenbaum, American Surveyor and Newspaper Editor

Carolyn Wright, US lawyer, jurist and Chief Justice of Fifth Court of Texas

Don Watkins, Writer, Columnist, and Companion at Ion Rand Institute


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