How To Clean Suede Shoes – Todonation


Elvis Cronis gave history for that shoe in his famous Ode, “You can do anything, but stay away from the shoes of my blue suit.” And the king had good reason: maintaining Suda is difficult. If you need to repair your favorite case, then guide you to bring them in this easy way.
1. Get the right equipment.
If you want to show your case as solid, the less you want, the less you want, a lawsuit brush and spray-on suede protector. Depending on the loss, you may also need a lawsuit eraser, shooter, nail, sponge and corn starch (we’ll get a little bit of them).
2. Prevent stains from the beginning.
The best way to protect the lawsuit shoe is not to wear until you apply water and give a protective stain. This will protect the material and make the cleaning process a bit easier. Every time you clean it, make sure to reassure the consultant.
3. Learn the speed.
To remove dirt and skin points, apply a lawsuit brush repeatedly in the same direction. It will take a nap and remove any mess. If the screws remain, then brush them again. If it does not come out, then scratched a knife in the area to increase the nap. If it’s still not bothered, take your special case eraser (a pencil eraser or crepe rubber piece will work) and rub on stubborn points.
4. Target different points.
Soil Stain: Once the soil becomes dry and becomes hard, use a nail to remove remaining dirt particles to make sure to move the remaining brush stroke forward in the same direction.
Water stain: It appears to be contradictory, but it will need to coat the entire shoe lightly with the shoe. Insert a sponge or dry cloth in the outer, soak extra water and ensure wetness everywhere. Place your shots or balls in paper and fill your shoes with you – and let them dry overnight. This will help your shoe retain its shape. Avoid filling the newsletter, however, unless you do not like the idea of soaking ink in your shoes. Once the shoes are dry, brush them lightly using your favorite suede brush.
Oil stains: If the stain does not seem anywhere, then it is likely that it is actually an oil stain. First of all, try to attack with the lawsuit brush, move firmly and back and forth. If this does not respond, repeat the nail and repeat. If it is not going anywhere, do not despair – try to sprinkle cornstars on the mark. Allow it to sit overnight, then remove the mist with starch and iron. If it is still not disappearing, then we want to express our grief: maybe it is to be lived.


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