Insurance : A backup for your Family


What is insurance?

Insurance is a contract, which is represented by a policy in which a person or organization receives financial security or receives compensation from the insurance company against the loss. The insurance will cover all the medical expenses.

The insurance policy is used to save the risk of both large and small financial losses, which can result in loss of life or property due to a third party or injury.


Breach of insurance

Different types of insurance policies are available, and in fact, the insurance company can prepare for any individual or business value. The most common types of personal insurance policies are L I C, Aditya Birla,  and lives. Most individuals in India have at least one type of insurance, and car insurance is required by law.

Occupations are required for certain types of insurance policies, which insure some types of risks arising in front of a particular business. For example, a fast food restaurant requires a policy that covers damage or injury as a result of cooking with a deep bottom. An auto dealer is not subject to this type of risk, but coverage for loss or injury is required which can occur during a test drive. Insurance policies are also available for very specific needs, such as Kidnap and Ransom (K & R), medical malpractice and professional liability insurance, also known as errors and omission insurance.

Insurance policy component

When choosing a policy, it is important to understand how an insurance company works and what type of medical emergency they cover. The conviction of these concepts will set you a long way to help you choose a policy that is tailored to your needs.

The premium of the policy is its price, which is usually expressed as a monthly cost. Premium is determined by the insurer based on the risk profile of you or your business, which may include damage and credentials. For example, if you own many expensive automobiles and keep a history of careless driving, then you probably pay more for auto policy than a single mid-range sedan and someone with a full driving record. However, different insurers can charge different premiums for the same policy; Therefore, in order to find the right value for you, some lectures are required.

The maximum limit of the policy is that the insurer will pay for the cover covered under the policy. Maximums can be set per period (eg, annual or policy term), per loss or injury, or during the lifetime of the policy, which is also known as lifelong max. Typically, higher limits take high premiums.

A deductible is a specific amount, which the policyholder must pay from the pocket before paying the insurer’s claim. DeadTables serve as a deterrent for large versions of small and trivial claims. Deductibles can enforce counter-policy or counter-claim on the basis of insurer and type of policy.

Diversion policies are usually less expensive because high out-of-pocket expenses are usually the result of fewer small claims. Regarding health insurance, who have previous health issues or who require regular medicines, they should look for short-cut policies. Although the annual premium is more than a comparable policy with a high deduction, less expensive access to medical care may be worth full business value of the full year.


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