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Sex education is widely supported by most people in the United States. In the most recent survey on sex education of planned paternity, 93 percent of parents supported sex education taught in middle school, and 96 percent of parents supported sex education at high school. Most parents support sex education in middle schools and high schools, which include many topics including STD, puberty, healthy relationship, contraceptive and sexual orientation. Other national, state and local elections on sexual education have shown higher levels of support.

The American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Society for Adult Health and Medicine. More than 150 organizations are members of the National Alliance, who support widely based sex education.

Federal and state policy related to sexual education

Sexual education programming differs widely throughout the United States. At present, 24 states and Columbia districts make sex education compulsory and 34 education make the state mandates for education. Although some guidelines of almost every state are on how and when education is given, decisions about this are often given to different districts of the school.

Planned Parenthood plays an important role in advocating federal funding for evidence-based programmings such as the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program (TPP) and the Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP).

Is sex education in the United States?

Sexual education should get the difference between the students and what they actually get is broad. According to CDC School Health Profiles 2014, only 16 courses and only 5 middle schools are recommended as CDC is recommended as an essential component of sex education in high schools. These topics are from basic information on how to transmit HIV and other STDs – and how to prevent infections – important communication and decision-making skills.

In fact, today fewer young people report getting any formal sex education. A recent study published by the Guthrimic Institute found that in early teens, information about sex education issues is important and relevant to the past. In spite of these declines informal education, there was no increase in the proportion of adolescents, who discussed these same-sex education topics with their parents.

Sex education in India

Why are we afraid to talk about sex? How do some of our parents, teachers and education help children to avoid sex education and eliminate the vicious cycle of cultural vandalism and dangerous misinformation?

Sex education

There are many misconceptions about sex education in India. In my head, I think the conversation is happening in this way …

“Dear school teacher,

As a concerned parent, I want to protest against the introduction of sex education in my child’s curriculum. You obviously do not know about this, but sex is a shameful act, it is against Indian culture and it should be banned. Sex is a western concept. Indians do not need sex education. If we want a child, then we pray to God, and he fulfils our wish. See what happens when Western people teach about sex – their children think that it is okay to do that! Please do not correlate my child with myths, such as with equal sexual rights for men and women, with positive body image and alternative sexual orientation. I like to grow them with good moral values ​​and right belief, such as rape and molestation is always a mistake of women, sex is a taboo subject, men cannot be sexually assaulted, homosexuality is a disease, and good people are HIV Can not contract / AIDS.


A guardian

Sex education is not for my child. It is obscene; Our children teach us to have sex at an early age.

Sex education teaches children not to have sex at a young age. It teaches them about the physical, social and biological aspects of leading a healthy sex life in the future. It not only involves the physical function of sex but gender identity, physical changes, consent, awareness of sexual abuse, birth control measures and prevention of AIDS and STD.

If we ban sex education, our children will never learn about it and solve all our problems.

Children are naturally concerned about sex. By refusing to tell them the truth, scientific information leads them to acquire knowledge from other sources, such as friends, movies, or the Internet. These promote rumours, misunderstandings and semi-truths, which are dangerous, and to clean them with unreliable sources, they have to face well in adulthood. It has inspired generations of adult Indians to ask questions like this:

Can I get pregnant by watching porn videos?

I have heard that getting regular semen on the face will cure pimples?

Do men and women sleeping on the same bed cause pregnancy?

If I swallow during oral sex, will it be the cause of pregnancy?

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The need for sex education is only in the West, where they have all these silly problems like teen pregnancy and child abuse. We do not need it in India with all our ethical values, culture and traditions.

Yes, we do. India has the highest rate of population growth in the world; One of the highest rates of teenage pregnancy and HIV / AIDS infection; And children and adults – a large rate of sexual abuse between men and women. The main reason: The reluctance of our youth is to educate the meaning and importance of their body, their insistence and safe sexual practices. Ethical values ​​are not contraception; Our culture does not stop rape, our traditions do not educate youth about the health issues and the consequences of early pregnancy.

Sex is an adult theme. Adults know about themselves after marriage.

In India, 53% of children aged 5 to 12 years have been sexually assaulted. 53 percent. More than half of these sexual issues, silence and embarrassing culture mean that victims can not speak, often, they do not even know that they are being misused.

Teaching children about sex will only motivate them to have more sex. Sex education is the reason behind teen pregnancy.

In India, 62 out of every 1000 pregnant women are pregnant, about twice the UK, 3 times more than the UK and Western Europe 10 times higher. Along with South Asia and other countries of the Middle East, it is the highest in the world. Why? In India,   girls are married before 15 years and 4% of girls get married at the age of 1 year. Teenage pregnancy is not a western import; This is a deeply complex problem in our society, which results in out-dated practice, and there is a lack of awareness about physical functions, sexual options, birth control and contraceptive measures.

My child will be gay by teaching about homosexuality, it is morally wrong and against nature.

Homosexuality is normal and innate; It can not be stopped or stopped. Teach them about the issues of sex and sexuality of your child.


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