In any society, prohibition is a vested prohibition on something (generally against a statement or behaviour) on the basis of cultural meaning that it is excessive vengeance or, perhaps, is also sacred for the common people. There are prohibitions in almost all societies. [On a comparative basis, for example, related to food items, there is no point in the fact that after being declared a disciplinarian for a group or religion, another can be completely acceptable.

Whether scientifically correct or not, taboos are often meant to protect the human person, but there are many other reasons for their existence. An ecological or medical background is evident in many, some of which are seen as religious or spiritual. Copper can help in using a resource more efficiently, but if it applies to a sub-section of the community, then they can serve to suppress the largest subset. The prohibition accepted by a particular group or tribe helps in reconciliation as part of the group’s own method, this group helps a particular person to maintain and maintain their identity in front of others and therefore ” Related “feeling.

In social science, the word “taboos” has been extended to a certain degree of human activity or strong restrictions related to any area of custom, which is sacred or forbidden on the basis of ethical judgment, religious beliefs or cultural norms.

The word “taboo” comes from Tongan Island or Fijian Tabu (“Forbidden”, “Disapproved”, “Forbidden”), which relates to Maori Island and Hawaiian Kappu. Its use is 1777, when British explorer James Cook toured Tonga, and is forbidden to use the word “forbidden”, or is forbidden to use the word “taboos”. they wrote.

None of them can sit, or cannot eat anything. Upon expressing my surprise on this, they were all barred, as they said; Which word has a very broad meaning; But, in general, it shows that something is forbidden.

Taboo himself is composed of alleged Tongan morphemes ta (“mark”) and bu (“especially”), but it can be a folk etymology (Tongan does not actually sound, and the island is usually a proton heritage. ) Integration. With the non-compound of a non-compound term of tape which means that reconstruction is “sacred, forbidden.” Tonga, but its upper part means “holy” or “holy”. “The main island is often restricted or protected by practice or law, the word is often added at the end of” Tonga “.” Forbidden South “- which means” south “is prohibited.


Some people argue that contemporary multicultural society is prohibited against tribals (for example, ethnicity and nationalism) and prejudices (racism, sexism, religious extremism).

By changing social customs and standards, new resolutions are also made, such as restrictions on slavery; Baroda extension of  Restrictions on consumption of alcohol, tobacco or psychotherapy (especially in pregnant women); And to reduce the different forms of discrimination politically correct euphoria – many times unsuccessful –

It has been prepared in both ways, it has been demanded to normalize adult relations regardless of the relationship degree and another prohibited contact degree. Although the word reflects the taboo negative meaning, it is sometimes associated with attractive proposals in Proverbs such as forbidden fruit is sweet.

Such areas can avoid public discussion of their practice in ethical and ethical grey areas such as medical, social stigma or late termination of pregnancy. For other reasons, this prohibition can come from this concern that comments can be made out of context and they are used to make non-informed policy decisions.


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