19 Hot Things To Do in Denver This Weekend

Denver Mountain Park and Red Rocks Amphitheater

19 Hot Things To Do in Denver This Weekend

Whether you prefer art museums, sports, historical attractions, a vibrant music scene, unique hotel, breakfast, romantic restaurant or green park, you will find it in Denver. A romantic resort in the city is a beautiful city area for shopping, shopping and great burgers, Italian and other food samples. Celebrating art, music and culture, there are many seasonal events and festivals throughout the year.

1.Denver Art Museum (DAM)-Things to do in Denver Colorado

Denver Art Museum

Opened in 1922, the Denver Art Museum (DAM) is one of the largest art museums in the West and is a permanent and well-stocked collection of more than 68,000 unique works from around the world, in which a rich collection of American Indian art Is it famous?
In the award-winning building designed by Frederick C. Hamilton, the museum has spread to nine curatorial classes of Asian, New World, European and Modern Art with architecture, design and graphics.
There are many programs and workshops in the entire museum including ‘Mute the Artists’, where visitors receive different interactive programs. Art Museum is Denver one of the, Colorado attractions. Normal admission to the museum Address: 100 W 14th Avenue PKV, Denver, Colorado 80204, Phone: 720-865-5000 25

2.Corse Baseball Field Tour

The Colorado Rocky Baseball team’s home, 76-acre Corse Field is located in the Ballpark neighbourhood of Denver, with a spectacular view of the Rocky Mountains, and is famous for hosting the home runs in history.

Combining the atheist experience of an urban ballpark with 21st Century Technology, this area is famous for its old-fashioned brick and famous signature watch, where fans meet before a game. Baseball game in PlayStation and the Role.

Groups and private tour can be arranged and Major League Baseball can see a unique visual scene behind one of the main bowlers. To cover one mile for one hour and travel distance, the tour includes dodge, area, core field ‘ Rockies Merchandise Store, and Mountain Ranch Club. Address: 2001 Blake Street, Denver, Colorado 80205, Phone: 303-762-5437 25 Best Things to Do in Denver – Photo: Visit Denver

3.Denver Botanic Gardens

Denver Botanic Gardens

Located in Chasman Park neighbourhood, the Denver Botanic Gardens has a variety of themed gardens, which include the glass conservatory and a bizarre amphitheatre that hosts an open-air concert during summer.

The gardens are made of three places, i.e. The formal gardens on York Street in East Denver, the natural areas of Meadows and Chesterfield Gardens and Mount Alpine Wildlife Park. The Tablet York Street Garden has seven theme parks, the largest collection of plants in Colorado and neighbouring states, as well as plants in cold temperate environments around the world.

In 1986, gardens introduced the world’s first Zerissicescape display garden (later named Dryland Mesa), which is home to dry-tolerant plants from the dry West and Mediterranean regions. In the gardens, there is also a Japanese garden named Shafts-N and a fun Mordecai Children Garden, which provides a fantastic Oasis for families and children to play. Address: 1007 York Street, Denver, Colorado 80206, Phone: 720-865-3501 25 Best Things to Do in Denver – Photo: Visit Scott Dressel-Martin / Denver
Denver Zoo

Located in City Park, the Denver Zoo is home to more than 4,000 animals from 600 species, which live in 80 acres of zoos in various natural habitats. Founded in 1896, the zoo was started with an orphan black bear named Billy Ryan and has since been cultivated in one of Denver’s most popular attractions.

Rotating species of world, primates, patchwork, and reeds, reptiles, birds and fish have been designed in the zoo.

In a circular loop, which includes many types of home and animal enclosures, including Beer Mountain, Primato Panorama, Hunier Ridge, Giraffe House, Toyota Hathi Road and Bird World. If you are thinking what to do with children on a beautiful sunny day in Denver, then the zoo is a good choice. Other characteristics of the zoo include Endangered Species Carousels, which are involved in showing some endangered species, is a major train, which provides an exciting journey around the Zorz Carousel Grass Plane and Lake Flamingo, and wild encounter outdoor amphitheater, in which Wildlife production facilities were designed for academic and programmers. Address: 2300 Steel Street, Denver, Colorado 80205, Phone: 720-337-1400 25 Best Things to Do in Denver – Photo: Rich Grant / Visit Denver
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4.Kirkland Museum of Fine and Decorative Arts

Kirkland Museum of Fine and Decorative Arts

Kirkland Museum of International and Famous Artwork with Frank Lloyd Wright is an internationally renowned architect in international decorative arts in the United States. Works in museums, art shipping, arts and crafts, and aesthetics, bows, art deco, pop art and modern art, and works over 700+ by more than 230+ of Colorado and regional artists.

In the museum, additional 3,500 pieces are displayed in the school and decorative art collections of the original studio and artist Vance Kirkland (194-1981) are displayed. The museum is known for its unusual and bizarre exhibition styles, where the houses are arranged in ‘Salon style’, where pieces of art are decorated with furniture and decoration as well as pieces of sculptures, handicrafts and pieces of art. . . . . . . . . Due to the delicate nature of the collection, children under the age of 13 are not admitted. Address: 1201 Bannock Street, Denver, CO 80204, Phone: 303-832-8576 25 Best Things to Do in Denver – Photo: Visit Denver

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5.Colorado Symphony, Denver

Colorado Symphony, Denver

The Colorado Symphony is the professional Symphony Orchestra of the city, which performs at the Boer Concert Hall located in the Denver Performing Art Center. Lead offers an academic and community-based outreach program with music director Andrew Litton along with full-time concert, symphony, solo shows and programs.

Exhibition is organized in the fabulous Boater Concert Hall. Created in 1978, Hall is the country’s first 360-degree concert and organizes more than 2,700 seats in five seating areas, which does not allow more than 85 feet of viewers from the stage. If you are looking for the best romantic things in Denver at night, see the performance by the Colorado Symphony. Address: 1000 14th Street # 15, Denver, Colorado 80202, Phone: 303-292-5566 25 Best Things to Do in Denver –

6.  Forney Museum of Transportation

 Forney Museum of Transportation

The Foroni Museum of Cars, Bikes, Trains and Aircraft Transport – is home to all of them. With a unique collection of more than 600 artifacts related to transportation throughout a history, the unique museum offers an unforgettable destiny for the whole family.
The museum slogan “Nothing Wheels” has a wide range of methods of transport through vehicles and ages, in which ‘Amphiser’ is a platform fire engine, ‘Big Boy’ locomotive and Amelia Earhart 1923 ‘Gold Bug’.

There are many exhibitions in the museum throughout the year, and there are some interesting and informative about all things related to transportation, related cars, bikes, bugs and motorcycles as well as steam engines, sleigh, fire vehicles, toy models and transportation. more . . Address: 4303 Brighton Blood, Denver, Colorado 80216, Phone: 303-297-1113
ChoLon, Denver, CO

Cholan is an award-winning Asian restaurant in Lodo district of Denver. The Cholan-owned acclaimed chef Lone Siemensma, which means “Big Bazaar” is named after Vietnam’s biggest Chinese-influenced market Saigon and provides a mouthwatering menu of traditional Asian dishes from this region.

ChoLon offers an inventive menu of Asian influenced sections, in which a series of dishes turn twist and turns from ‘small plates’ to large family-style plates. Bistro’s elegant lounge has a complex, impressive list of fines, craft beers and artisan cocktails.

7.Washington Park

Washington Park denver

Washington Park is a green park in the heart of Denver, which serves as an outdoor place for the city’s heritage, with beautifully preserved examples of entertaining and entertaining architecture with outdoor activities.

One of the best beautiful places to go to Denver is the ancient base of 155 acres in the park, which has two magnificent flower gardens, one of which is George Washington’s Mount Vernon Gardens, two lakes and a series of facilities, tennis courts, lawns, picnics Stains and an entertainment center

Popular among the locals of Denver, who use the park for walking, jogging, biking and other activities, Park also serves as a center for various community programs and social events. This park is near Old South Galleg Street, eating food with food for shopping, boutiques, shops, restaurants and cafes. Address: S Downing St & E Louisiana Ave., Denver, Colorado 80210, Phone: 800-233-6837

8.Vesta Dunky Grill

Vesta Dunky Grill denver


Named after the name of the Roman goddess of summer, and decorated accordingly, the Vesta Dip Grill combines a warm, welcoming atmosphere with a beautiful, contemporary interior, magnificent menu and wine list.

Veesta’s latest disclosure grill creates a series of entertaining grilled meats and side dishes inspired by the entertainment world’s dishes, and over 30 mouthwaters include the choice of dip sauce, which includes Aiolis, Marmalades, Salsa and Chutney. In addition to adding repeatedly to the menu, an award-winning barrel-aged cocktail program provides an excellent list of world-class wines, brides and spirits. Address: 1822 Blake St, Denver, Colorado 80202, Phone: 303-296-1970 25 Best Things to Do in Denver – Photo: Vesta Dip Grill

9.Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Denver Museum of Nature and Science focuse on educating visitors and children about the natural history of the area with the natural history of the Colorado and Rocky Mountain region.

The museum conducts various types of displays, exhibitions, interactive activities and academic programs for all ages, encourages the curious mind to ask, explore, find and learn, and its collection contains more than one million items. Academic programs cover the fields of anthropology, polyphology, geology, zoology, health and space science. Permanent exhibitions include ‘Discovery Zone’ – a hand academic center for children; ‘Mother of Egypt’ – a journey for the days of Pharaoh; ‘North American Indian Culture’ – A look at the legacy of North American Indian; And ‘Space Odyssey’ – one step in the future. Address: 2001 Colorado Blvd., Denver, Colorado 80205, Phone: 303-370-6000

10.Uber Sausage, Denver, CO

Located on Kolhafx Avenue, Uber Sausage offers a range of hot gourmet sausage sandwiches. Natural, handmade animals are made of beef, which are served as bison, chorizo, chicken, beef, bell and pork, sausage sandwich, French bouquet, tolichis or low carp salad, and every green color. . Completed to complete is complete. We include ‘The Club’ in the menu favorites, which includes chicken sausage roasted with marijuana and Goa Swiss cheese, Caspian Bacon, Avocado and TerraGon Aioli. For Asian kicks, go for ‘Vietnam’, which is Asian slaves with meat pudding meat sausage, fresh chopped mint, coriander and auli and basil and serra alley spraying.

Eastern scarves and iron can be found in Uber Sausage with beautiful scenery of the city skyline. You also have to choose from various local wines and microbrews that work perfectly with sandwiches, as well as choose a hearty breakfast menu. Address: 2730 E Colfax Ave, Denver, Colorado 80206, Phone: 303-862-7894 25 Best Things to Do in Denver – Photo: Uber Sausage

11.Wings on the Rockies Air and Space Museum

Wings on the Rockies Air and Space Museum

From 1938 to 1994, Washington was opened on Rocky Air and Space Museum (VAR) in Denver on the basis of Eastern Lori Air Force Base, to protect the history of Lorry AFB in the year 1994.

The museum has been kept in the historic 40,000 square feet hangar made in 1939 and contains many collections including the United States B-1A Lancer and the B-52 Stratofortress Bombers, which document the history of the army and general aviation aircraft. There is a room for archives collection and an excellent research library.

The museum runs many educational and hand-to-learning programs, such as Wing Aerospace Science Program (WASP), Kid Space, and Air and Space Camp for children of all ages. The Wings at the Rockies Air and Space Museum is the official State Air and Space Museum, and it is the site of Colorado’s aviation hall of fame. Address: 7711 East Academy Boulevard, Denver, Colorado 80230, Phone: 303-360-5360 25 Best Things to Do in Denver –

12.Sport Authority Field at Mile High Stadium Tour

Wynkoop Brewing Company Tours

In the history of the National Football League, the most famous St. Sentant One in the original Mile High Stadium, Miles High Sports Authority Field is a state-of-the-art glass, aluminum and steel structure, seat, 76,000 fans and the world.
Discover incredible achievements of $ 400 million small private guided hiking tours, including Colorado Sports Hall of Fame Museum, Executive Suite, NFL Visiting Team Locker Room, Throw Stall and Team Field Access Tunnel area area and network. . Production production premises and broadcast facilities

Fun, informative, and intuitive tours take approximately 75-90 minutes, which cover approximately ½ miles and start at # 1 on the edge of the Colorado Sports Hall, Fame, and Gate #. Address: 1701 Bryant Street Suite 500, Denver, Colorado 80204, Phone: 720-258-3888

13.Bikolope Tours, Denver, Colorado

Explore and experience Denver on two wheels with a fun-filled guided cycling tour with Bikalope Tours. this is fun-filled guided tours that trace the architecture and heritage of The Mile High through the streets, bouquets, bike lanes and rivers, unusual’ gem Regular search ‘And the city bike lane tourism takes about 2 – 2.5 hours and covers the distance of approximately ten miles (303-433-3676).

14.Molly Brown House Museum

Molly Brown House Museum

Once home is located on 1340 Pennsylvania Street in Margaret Brown, Molly Brown House Museum is distributed to American American philanthropists, workers, socialite and living, and is paid at historic places.

Victorian Denver with English Baroque (Queen Anne) architecture built by the house and museum William Lang in the 1880s, in which triangular payment details presenters include Sher House, Stone Coins, Rabbit windows and English Baroque (Queen Anne). A beautiful preserved example of resonance. In the courtyard, this museum provides guided tours throughout the year, as well as the purpose of various workshops and programs, and its purpose is to keep history and heritage, not one of America’s most famous philanthropists. .  Address: 1340 Pennsylvania Street, Denver, Colorado 80203, Phone: 303-832-4092

15.Peteybird Ice Cream Bike

Peteybird Ice Cream Bike

Petibard Ice Cream Bike is a pink and white bike that sells delicious handscart ice cream sandwiches around the Denver area. Potbard ice cream sandwich made of real tight and ice cream is caught in small size and is ideal for special occasions or just afternoon treatment.

Petibard offers two types of ice cream sandwiches – original sandwiches and ice cream scoops of two people, and channel sandwiches, which are art pieces of emotions, ice cream and other sweet dishes. Find Pink Pink Ice Cream Bike for Ice Cream Sandwich City or Online Order (720-432-2430)

16.Wynkoop Brewing Company Tours

Wynkoop Brewing Company Tours

One of Denver’s top jazz spots, Jazz Jazz is a live music jazz club in the Denver Pavilion which hosts various local and tour jazz band. Situated on 16th Street Mall in Denver, Jazz Jazz offers comfortable and cosy atmosphere to enjoy bistro-style dishes and drinks while listening to excellent music for enthusiasts.

Jacques is more than just jazz in Jazz – more fun and blues, as well as tribute events with golden old and reggae, can also be rented for private activities, concerts, corporate events, birthdays and other special occasions. .

Address: 500 16th St. # 320, Denver, Colorado 80202, Phone: 303-433-1000

17.Tamayo Denver

TAMAYO denver

Tamayo is a modern Mexican restaurant and Techniana, which offers traditional Mexican cuisine with a contemporary twist. In the ownership of famous chef Richard Sandoval, Tamayo’s menu offers both classic Mexican dishes and offers new concepts like ‘Test Kitchen: Guadalajara’, in which Guadalajara and Paki heritage are celebrated by food-inspired dishes.

Located in Laramiere Square in Denver, Tamayo’s chic, stylish interior design caters to modern menus and impressive bars, which include more than 100 collections of tequila and agave-based spirits, as well as a series of handmade cocktails. .
Address: 1400 Larimer Street, Denver, Colorado 80202, Phone: 720-946-1433 25 Best Things to Do in Denver – Photo: Tamayo

18.Denver Children’s Museum

denver children's museum

Children’s Museum Denver offers an interactive, educational and exciting way to search, search and learn for children. A hand-drawn approach to learning about the specially designed museum, special program for all age groups and the purpose of creating a community of “children-driven education”.

Founded in 1973, the museum includes innovative and interactive place cases (handmade), which includes ‘The Big Backyard’, which is a comprehensive introduction to life in the backyard, ‘Asbenion Plant’, where children’s hearts are made And makes. The material, and ‘Fire Station 1’, where they can learn about the firefighter’s work on a real fire engine. The museum organizes special workshops for children, apart from daily workshops and programs for children.
Address: 2121 Children’s Museum Drive, Denver, Colorado 80211, Phone: 303-433-7444

O PB & J is a terrific violet 1979 Chevy truck which sells unique grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich to PB and J-lover throughout the city. After the establishment of Costume and Food Girlfriends Matt McDonald’s after Los Angeles, where they liked live street food, PB & J is the ideal choice for snacks from home.

It is not an old favourite of peanut butter and jelly – incredible jams of Matt McDonald’s, and always offers some experimental achievements for popular Blueberry Pie PB and J. or tasty fans, Thai PB and spicy peanut butter, coconut, orange locks is. Does. is. Butter, crushed peanut and finely chopped fresh basil

 19.Mountain Park and Red Rocks Amphitheater

 Mountain Park and Red Rocks Amphitheater

The Denver Mountain Park System is a unique complex of more than 14,000 acres in the foothills near the Rocky Mountains owned and maintained by the City of Denver. Founded in 1914 by the US Congress for the protection and protection of beautiful land around the city for generations, these parks extend to 60 miles from the city and tomb of the Buffalo Bill on Top Lookout Mountain, Red Rocks Amphitheater. Includes famous attractions, Winter Park ski resort and summit lake

The Park System offers a great number of things to visit with camping, climbing, hiking and mountain biking, watching and doing, outdoor adventures and fun activities, so to see a big herd of buffalo and elk


19 Hot Things To Do in Denver This Weekend



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