25 Best Things To Do in Detroit 2018

things to do in detroit

25 Best Things To Do in Detroit 2018

Detroit, Michigan is full of events, attractions, historical sites, culture, and art. There are so many fun things in town, watching and learning. Many of the city’s museums are breaking the best stuff for you in Detroit, running through many people for antique shopping, kayaking and touring.

28 Best Things To Do in Detroit

1. Get on a River Travel

cruses detroid

Jump on the deck and take a cruise on the Detroit River. There are several river cruises and boat travel companies that offer beautiful trips on the water. Many people have been told about the city and attractive information has been provided. During taking the views of the city, feeling the sun on your face and the sun on your cheek is an experience that you would prefer.

2. Visit the Arab American National Museum

things to do in detroit


The Arab American National Museum of Detroit is the only museum in the United States dedicated to the history and culture of Arab Americans. Arab Americans have made important, positive contributions in the United States. The information presented in the museum works to eliminate many misconceptions around the Arabs as well as other minorities. This museum puts the necessary light on academic, thoughtful and Arab American experiences.

3. Visit the Detroit Historical Museum

Detroit Historical Museum

One of the amazing things to do in Detroit is to know about the history of Detroit. Detroit’s historic museum is just so dedicated – telling the story of Detroit. The museum is free and is an ideal place to learn and educate yourself while staying in the city. Dedicated to local history, we highly recommend the restrictions by the Detroit Historical Museum.

4. Get Refreshments from Detroit Water Ice Factory

Snow of water: Do not knock it until you try it. Water ice is an interesting event and when you can hesitate, you can be sure to be surprised in the best way. People unfamiliar with water ice will be considered good, fresh treatment on hot summer. Water ice is fat free, dairy free, cholesterol free, all things are free! In addition to the price. However, all benefits are made to assist Detroit’s community. To try taste or two, we recommend swing by 100% Detroit Water Ice Factory.

05. Detroit Institute of Art View

Detroit Institute of Art View

The Detroit Institute of Arts is the largest collection of art in the United States. More than 65,000 art works have been kept in this museum. Those who appreciate the art will consider the wide range of artwork to be impressive and worth the trip.

06. Set the distance of eight miles from the wall

The eight-mile wall is known as the Berlin Wall of Detroit. It was originally created to separate the black and white community. In Detroit, it stands today as a separation. Later the wall is depicted with colorful murals and reminds the continuous racial division of the city. Statues on the wall send messages of unity and hope that a city is still tilted with racial tension.

07. Visit the Contemporary Art Detroit Museum

Contemporary Art Detroit Museum


Although the Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit is small, but there are many winding performances in it that are worth investigating. The brightly painted graffiti in the outer part of the building is beautiful enough to call visitors and museums.

08. Step inside the Motown Museum

Motown Museum

Motown sound was born here. Founded in 1985, the Motown Museum is one of Detroit’s most popular tourist destinations. Visitors of all of them come to see the studio where their favorite artists and musicians had recorded, they also saw Berry Gordi’s house.

09. See the creativity of Project Heidelberg

Project Heidelberg


Detroit has a huge art scene. To prepare many statues from museums to buildings and walls, Detroit is full of color and creativity. The Headlberg project is one of those creative spots to check in the city. This outdoor art performance is a wonder. The unique style is shown in this open air exhibition. The headleyburg project is one of the most popular things to do in Detroit.

10 Get the Michigan Science Center – things to do in detroit michigan

Michigan Science Center

See science in a fun, creative, and hands-on path in the Michigan Science Center. Within the Science Center, there is a constellation, an IMAX theater, as well as interactive exhibits and much more. Families with small children will particularly love the interactive nature of the Michigan Science Center.

11. Read a book in Detroit Public Library


While searching for a new city, the library does not go for the first time, but Detroit Public Library is something you can not remember. With murals, columns, and long ceilings, you will walk into the library and feel the history which is wrapped in these walls. While searching for things in Detroit, we recommend reading or keeping books for reading books in the library.

13. Appreciate Art in Polish Art Center

This quaint and cozy place is full of Polish culture and traditional art. The Polish Art Center includes jewelry, folk dolls, candies, cookies, books, apparel and other household items.

12. Explore the Scarab Club – things to do in detroit this weekend

Scarab Club

There are all things related to art, music and literature in Scarab Club. To participate in this creative organization, there are galleries, exhibitions and host programs throughout the year. Visit your website to find all the latest events in Scarab Club. Of those of you who are big in culture and art scene, they will love it here.

13. Shop at Detroit Antique Mall

Detroit Antique Mall

Detroit is the place for ancient lovers. Detroit has many sights to discover ancient objects, but our recommendation is the Detroit Antique Mall. Who thinks as worthless junk, the second will appear as a treasure. While roaming in ancient shops, we hope you will find some treasures.

14. Take part in the parade

detroid parade

There are often parades in Detroit. We recommend doing some research before your visit and see if the parade is taking place while staying in the area. If there are, participating in the parade can be an exciting way to experience and support the local community of Detroit.

15. See a demonstration in Fox Theater

detroid Fox Theater

This historic theater opened its doors in 1928 and it is a national historic site. Interestingly, the Fox Theater is the largest living theater since the 1920s. Visitors can visit Fox Theater or participate in a show during the Detroit Tour. While planning a trip to the city in Detroit and looking for things, we recommend visiting the Fox Theater website to see what performances and music are doing. Book your tickets before your trip.

16. Drink apple cider in Westview Orchards and Adventure Farm

Drink apple cider in Westview Orchards and Adventure Farm

Based on the time of year, when you travel to Detroit, we recommend checking Westwatch Orchards and Adventure Farm. Apple picking, cider mills, grass rides, pumpkin picking, a corn maze and more. The garden is an explosion for the whole family. Whether you are going to town or call Detroit at your home, you will enjoy apple gardens in all prostitutes.

17. Eat Greek food

There are several traditional Greek dishes available in Detroit. This is due to the large number of Greek immigrants going to Detroit in the 1830s. Especially, within GreekTown, you can serve many authentic Greek food restaurants. Apart from food, GreekTown is also a great place to see how vibrant this area is. For tastes, vibes and people, we highly recommend traveling to Greentown in Detroit.

18. Explore the Eastern Market

Detroit, a small mile outside the eastern market is a beautiful historic market that you should meet in Detroit. In fact, this is the largest historical public market in the United States. Fresh fruits, vegetables, condiments and local, handmade artifacts are sold in the market. In addition, musicians often perform in the market. The environment in the eastern market is vibrant and fun.

19. Cool off in Palmer Park Splash Park

 Cool off in Palmer Park Splash Park

Who does not like water parks? In summer, Palmer Park will be quiet in Spam Park. During hot days, children especially like to show in this park. Community members and visitors of the Detroit area are welcome to join and exit the Palmer Park Splash Park.

20. Tour Mado Brook Hall

As a national historic landmark, Mado Brook Hall is a historic 88,000 square foot house, for which the visitor goes to Detroit. To learn about this place, there is an interesting history to surprise beautifully architectural architecture. Mado Brook Hall offers daily tours of the property so that visitors can see and experience all the things offered by property. Tour options include general home visits, back-to-back tours and walking tours. Each tour is superb and informative in its own way. There are many community programs through Mado Brooks Hall which are with mother-daughter tea, children’s garden sweater, lectures and gardening workshops. Talking about gardens, we highly recommend property visits so you can see beautiful gardens.

21. Head to Detroit Riverfront

When the weather gets hot, it becomes the best place for activities like yoga, biking etc. on the banks of the river. Visitors to the Detroit area will also find many local people who travel around the river. During the summer it is the centre of outdoor and fun things. We recommend walking or walking along the river on Detroit’s journey.

22. Exit Campus Martius Park

Campus Martius Park is another excellent place to relax or relax with friends. There are many free programs and programs throughout the year which are encouraged to take advantage of the passengers. Campus Martius Park also has classes, concerts and even an ice skating rink. To get the best things in Detroit, getting out in the park and enjoying free programs is more on the list.

23. Eat freshly made chocolates in the makers of Marily Candy

Visit the factory where sanders chocolate and desserts were made. factory tour is free, and we know people of all ages want to find makers of Morley Candy. Who does not love chocolate? After the visit, jump in candy and gift shop to buy some tasty treats. Morley Candy Maker is a sweet place – a lovely spot.

24. Visit the Charles H Wright Museum of African American History

Visit the Charles H Wright Museum of African American Histo

The museum wants to educate people on the history, culture and experiences of African Americans. A great place to learn about the history of African Americans is to go to the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History. The museum has highlighted the real struggle and challenges of the black community in the United States as well as in progress.

25. Stop by MBAD African Bead Museum

The MBAD African Bead Museum is a wonder. Most outdoor displays, the walls of the museum are wrapped in a bright pearl. It’s a complete gem of a place to live in Detroit. Pearl collection is attractive and worth appreciating. It is advisable to talk to a couple to hear about the history of the collection. The MBAD African Bead Museum occupies almost the entire city block and can not remember while looking for things in Detroit.

25 Best Things To Do in Detroit 2018


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