25 Best Things To Do in Houston This Weekend

25 Best Things To Do in Houston This Weekend

Houston City , named after former General Sam Houston, who won the Battle of San Jacinto in 1836, which achieved Mexican independence from Mexico, is the fourth most populous city in North America and home to 2.5 million inhabitants. .

This is a magnet for tourism, space station Houston, and NASA astronaut training and flight control campus as well as many other exciting attractions.

Reading through the list of best things to do in Houston will help you and your family plan a fun, exciting time plan.

1.Natural science houston texas

natural science hoston

The Houston Museum is a beautiful collection of 60 large skeletal mounts in Natural Science (briefly HMNS) – Mineral samples, Space station models –

The museum’s high popularity is also down to special and guest appearance in its generous number. Founded in 1990, it is now the most popular in North America.

Children will love the locust clock located at the impressive entrance of the museum, whose legs will coordinate with nearby.

2.Children’s Museum, Houston

Children's Museum, Houston

Founded in 1980, the Houston Children’s Museum is one of the 190 children’s museums in the United State, founded by a group of parents who wanted to raise community’s early childhood development.

In the museum, there are some absorbed hands-on interactive demonstrations on topics such as science and technology, history and culture.

There is also a popular outdoor location that can enjoy toy boat and water pipes. This will be a hit with all children.

3. Houston Space Center

Houston Space Center

One of the city’s most prominent attractions, the Space Center is home to more than 400 artworks as well as permanent and travel events, in which there is an abundance of other performances related to the terrible space flight programs of America.

The whole family will be spelled because they look at the collections of museums and interactive consoles.

The International Space Station is known globally as mission control, and as NASA mission control and home of astronaut training, NASA Johnson Space Center is taken back to additional treatment scenes for guests to see. History was created.

Great Tour Available: Houston: Visit the City Tour and NASA Space Center with Access

4. Discovery Green

Discovery Green

Recently renovated, this 11.78-acre public city park is considered as very essential urban oasis by locals. It is very excited for the community, offers free yoga classes, child’s story and the regular musical program of the story.

There is a playground, free wifi, open air reading rooms and an area from which you can borrow games and balls when the family feels like being active. Alternatively, just enjoy a picnic because you look at the color of the upper sloping green color, relax and see everyone. A great family day

Fun things to do in Houston

5. Downtown Aquarium Houston

Downtown Aquarium

With the redevelopment of two Houston sites, Central Water Works Building and Agni Station Number 1, this magnificent six-acre food and entertainment complex was made more amazing.

With 500,000 gallons of water, with 200 species of foreign global residents, many rooms have a wonderful land, it is a great attraction for all families and especially children because they have Hooper Riding, Carousel, Fish Shark Travel and Aquarium Aquarium Enjoys with.

There are also many behaviors for adults because shopping on site, an upscale bar, full service restaurant, a fully equipped ballroom and a geographical and aquatic exhibit.

6. Health Museum Houston

 Health Museum

For all the emerging scientists of the family or only those who enjoy the things of scientific nature, this is the place for you.

The Health Museum welcomes more than 180,000 visitors annually (more than 2.5 million.), Partly formed as part of their field trip with more than 22,000 schoolchildren.

One of the reasons for this draw is the excellent academic experience of interactive health and museums, including human body, real limb dissection, and a large number of new and exciting performances.

For extra small costs, your children can enjoy a trip to the cell lab where they can experiment with something simple and fun.

7. Fast Track Entertainment Houston

 Fast Track Entertainment

This family entertainment centre is the right answer for those who want to leave steam, show their skills and want to have some fun. Made of arcade games, miniature golf, laser tags and Formula 1 style cart; At this place, both indoor and outdoor entertainment are according to

Television, video and pinball games, super-clean features and super fun games, Gadget Wars JR, Wiki Greater Super Speedway, and large rat friendly and helpful staff for children – some names – strong track power for family heads

8. Fine Arts Museum houston

Fine Arts Museum

The MFAH not only benefits those final visitors who enjoy more than 6,000 years to enjoy the excellent collection of museums, and enjoy 64,000 works from six continents but enjoy 1.25 million museum workshops every year

There is also a great cafe with an average refresh.

9. Minute Maid Park Houston

Minute Maid Park

Minute Park is home to Astros of Houston’s Major League Baseball team and is now famous for playing a major league team outside natural grass.

This exciting upgrade was approved by his 3 million fans, who had come to take advantage of 242 feet high retractable roof – secondly, for the first time in 35 years, the open air in Houston was bringing a baseball.

A super attraction for the whole family because the rain or glow would be very high.

And for moms and fathers, there is a social hourly beer outlet with a beautiful beer variety in the left area. Many food options and excellent BBQ availability are also available.

10. Cocktail Butterfly Center Houston

Cocktail Butterfly Center

The Brown Hall of the Cortical Butterfly Center and Entomology has a large variety of species and acts as a teaching moment for the children, and any person interested in any bug is entertained for the whole family.

With some weird arthropods, the centre is home to a living butterfly house with an interactive game interactive quiz. And here are some essential hints; As you move from the ground, take a look at the leaves below and take the time to read about the life cycle –

11. Galleria Houston

Galleria houston

When your family feels the need for some fantastic retail therapy, then the visit of Galleria must be a trick. The beautiful Galleria Vittorio Emanuele of Milan, modelling after over 400 high-end stores, amazing restaurants and cheesecake factory, Chile and White Oaks kitchen, a full-size ice rink, art children’s play area, seven beauty dishes. The substance is home to shops. It’s not surprising that the salon and so on, this is Texas’s largest mall. There is something here to keep every family member happy with Valentina and Gucci from Prada and La Perna.

12. Hobby Center for Performing Arts Houston

Hobby Center for Performing Arts

Opened in 2002, the Hobby Center is made up of 60 feet high glass walls with spectacular views of the skyscrapers of the city situated on the coast of the Theater District. Here are some fantastic shows and plays, and the journey to the centre will be a beautiful journey for all the families because often there are children’s friendly programs to watch. The centre is proud to sit on its own, which offers its consultant comfortable and decent foot room as well as its popular snack and candy options.

13. Hin Waterwall Park Houston

Hin Waterwall Park

Gerald D. Within a beautiful backdrop for the Hin Waterwall Park family, there is a great place to get some perfect time. The park has 64 ft cm circular fountain, which again spreads 11,000 gallons of water per minute, which reduces internal and external walls of the structure. Good to see, I will say. This historic park is surrounded by 186 oak trees, and it is a popular place to meet with friends with friends, Frisbee also has a game, picnic, foot or even a fantastic photographic opportunity.

14Texas Rock Gym Houston

 Texas Rock Gym


Offering a 14,000 square foot climbing surface, five auto belts, 42 top ropes, a lead arc and a separate boulder area, is an excellent place for all rock climbing and gym addicts in the family of Texas Rock Jim, who is also their age.

Despite the emphasis on the safety of gym safety and the past participant climbing experience, to reduce the risk of underlying rock climbing, all participants should take part in 101 safety despite the security and safety of the Bell Security Training Class. Apart from all of the above, Jim offers yoga, Tai-Chi and Kung Fu options too. A friendly staff will be happy to take you in the right direction.

Things to do in Houston Texas

15.St. Arnold Brewing Company Houston

St. Arnold Brewing Company

How about the treatment of mother and father? Building Houston’s oldest craft, St. Arnold Brewing Company is guaranteed to provide an exciting and enjoyable time while travelling. The company is available for many different beers, some seasonal and a few years, and can be found in grocery store, liquor stores, bars and restaurants in Texas, Louisiana and Florida. You will take care of the professional and courteous staff because you enjoy a tour, then to lunch and refresh (one of the brewery tasty beers.) Later.

16. Toyota Center Houston

Toyota Center houston

Japanese Automobile Manufacturers Toyota
There is large living area in the area of clean facilities. It is a trendy area for both visitors and locals because there are also good restaurants and hotels, so why not take the family in the game or the concert and do not end a perfect evening with a delicious meal?

17. Music Box Theater Houston

Music Box Theater

This Performing Arts Theater does a beautiful job with the presentation of original sketch comedies. So if the family’s old teenager and adult live music review mixed with a little comedy, then it’s a place for them. This show is funny and brilliant with very talented artists who can join their memorable and unique touch. To enjoy, soft drinks, alcohol, beer and snacks are also fresh on offer.

18. JP Morgan Chase Tower Houston

JP Morgan Chase Tower

For a glimpse of high life – literally. – Journey to the JP Morgan Chase Tower should be on the card for you and family. The Texas Commerce Tower, which is a 75ft skyscraper, which is 1000 feet high, is the world’s tallest five-way building, the tallest building in Texas, it is too long. There is a quick (and free) ride in the observation deck where you can enjoy beautiful ideas beyond you. The architecture of the tower is an Art Deco design .

19. Miller Outdoor Theater Houston

Miller Outdoor Theater

This first theatre shows mixed cultural and artistic formulation of mixed day programming with its free production session as well as many other free plays, concerts, dances and all ages. 7.5 acre Harmon Park Theater runs from March to mid-November, and it is a trendy place, as you can imagine. Either you have the option to bring your chair, blanket and food (to allow alcohol to be provided in a container) or you can sit there. In the case of rain, seats were included.

20. Buffalo Bayou Park Houston

 Buffalo Bayou Park

With an excellent choice of walking and biking for many routes, the Buffalo Bau Park family is a beautiful place to do some healthy exercise. The roaming park is made up of 124 acres of large green with spectacular views of Houston Skyline thrown in the mix. Apart from this, if your family has four-foot friends, there is also a nature game area, artwork and live photographic exhibition to enjoy with the dog park. Enjoy the outdoor activities of the family; this is an ideal place.

21. 1940 Air Terminal Museum Houston

1940 Air Terminal Museum-001

This is necessary for all aviation freaks in the family. The Museum Original Art Deco is located in Houston City Airport and shows the amazing performance related to the airline related to all things including Houston’s own aviation history. This museum has been occupied at the Braniff and ticket desk for the whole ground floor (with upgradation of upper floors including observation deck and cab) and pre-airlines such as airline treasures and many other beautiful exhibitions of architecture for a time. And aviation

22. Topgolf Houston


Topgolf is a new type of golf experience, which offers flat-out family fun for any age or skill level. This innovative way of playing golf, where players hit Microchip golf balls on the target on the outfield, is a new way of enjoying the game, and now it has become popular, far more than 8 million annual visitors are welcome. Is. Is. After a fun game, art uses the state of electronic scoring, the family can relax, and enjoy some excellent topgolf food and drinks menu.

23. IFLY Indoor Skydiving Houston


This is one of the most amazing family attractions ever. 3 years and above, enjoy this fantastic indoor skydiving experience which is a real simulation of freefall situations in the wind tunnel. There are fans on the top in the tunnel, which pull the air through the flight room, which again push the sides through air towers, rotate the air under the tunnel and return to the flight room through an inlet contractor. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. . Which goes to the place where the wind can travel. It gives the wind speed and the wind compresses the air before moving the room so that y21. 1940

24. Pinto Ranch Fine Western Wear Houston

Pinto Ranch Fine Western Wear

Why does Pinto not go to the beautiful monument of Houston? This shop is home to a fantastic amount of western gifts which combines both the region’s traditions and romanticism. You will be able to wear memories from men’s and women’s collections of boxes, belts and jewellery such as beautiful shirts, realistic position caps, real-filament leather coats and handmade cowboy boots.

25. Battlefield Houston

Battlefield Houston

Take action in the battlefield area of the zombie about the exciting day of exciting laser tag family and enjoy some beautiful missions of the family using high-quality laser guns from dominance, hitman, search and destruction, and sniper.

Things To Do in Houston This Weekend

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