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Top 20 places to visit in Australia

When you plan your trip, you have to choose what you want to see and where you want to go.

If you have time to drive around the continent in a year or if you have a tourist number, then you may be able to check all the prestigious places visited in Australia that can not be missed.

It can be the world’s smallest continent, but it is ranked 6th in the world by the size of the country. So take your time, enjoy the ride and check out all the wonderful things to look for in Australia.this is the list of “top 20 places to visit in Australia”.

1. Great Barrier Reef

From Dreamtimes to the Late Apostles, Australia’s places are great.

Australia’s most famous attraction! The Great Barrier Reef is one of the Seven Wonders of Natural World. The Great Barrier Reef is a diver’s dream at a distance of 3,000 km on the coast of Queensland. Helmet in Australia for the Great Barrier Reef

Whether you are an avid diver, casual snorkeler or a newbie for the first time underwater, there is something for everyone.

You can book a Live Boat Dove Boat Vacation to go to the most remote dive destinations of the Reef, make a helicopter trip on impressive water, or you can try your hand in diving with helmets. One of our favourite experiences

2. Daintree Rainforest

Places to see in Australia’s Dentary Rainforest

Located in Queensland, Daintree Rainforest is one of Australia’s natural wonders.

At 180 million years of age, it covers 1200 square kilometres and visitors can visit a Dreamtime tour with the indigenous guide of the Kuku Yelan tribe.

What to do in Australia Dreamtime Walking

Stay in Silke Oak Lodge in Rainforest, and after listening to the sounds of the ancient forest, relax in your own fund.

You can also do some paddleboarding on the Mosaic River. Do not worry, the local saltwater crocodile does not come inland.

Fun fact: Daintree Rainforest is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is twice as old as the Amazon Rainforest!

3. Fraser Island

Things to see in the debris of Fraser Island

Meho Tukki on Fraser Island

Fraser Island is one of the best Australian destinations to see because of its 75-mile beach! It is the longest in the world. Hire a four-wheel drive truck in Nusa City and start your own adventure that you will ever have.

It is an island with sand mounds, dingos, tidal cadets and ships.

Oh and one more thing, drivers share the beach with the aircraft! Yes, there is an airport on sandy shores.

There are hotels and resorts that you can book on the island to explore more time.

4. Whitsundays

Whitsundays is a group of 75 islands from the coast of Queensland. While going to the Great Barrier Reef, you have to spend some time here. These islands are located right in the middle!

Beautiful white sandy beach, turquoise easily with water.

Luxury resorts, sailing and snorkelling. The biggest and most famous Whitehaven beach on all the islands should be stopped.

5. Port Douglas

Port Douglas is a back-end resort town in the north of Queensland.

This is the point of a jump to go to the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest, which is a perfect place to relax for a few days and explore the beauty of Australia.

With the most beautiful coast of Australia, a road trip to Port Douglas is a must.

See our beautiful flight from Port Douglas on the Great Barrier Reef.

6. Gold Coast

A special view of the golden beaches of Australia

Paradise of the world’s famous surfer, Australia’s Gold Coast offers an endless stretch beach with excellent surf breaks.

Enjoying many eateries and dining options on the beach, Heritage Resorts and Condo Sand Sands

You can enjoy surfing lessons or you can rent a bike and ride the Currumbin Beach and Burley Head to see the Pro Surfer catch a wave.

For a great view, go to the observation deck, lift it all.

7. Twelve inspired

The Great Ocean Road is one of Melbourne’s most popular day trips. A drive on the edge leads you to incredible twelve apostles.

But in order to truly experience this rugged coast, you should walk the Great Ocean. It takes you to the coastal path, which is impossible to see by car.

If you can, then be sure to ride a helicopter on the Apostles for your beauty.

8. Melbourne

Melbourne is probably Australia’s quietest city. I know it was our favourite. It has been named the most vibrant city in the world and it is also a great place for tourists!

Highlights include Queen Victoria Market, The Arms and Secret Lane, Eureka Square, Federation Skydeck and Graffiti Lane.

9. Kangaroo Island

Australia’s location to go to Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is situated on the coast of South Australia and is an incredible place to tour for a few days.

It is magnificent wildlife for kangaroo, koala, seal and pelicans. There is even a bird, which is the centre of the temptation centre, where you can see a show and learn about birds that are indigenous to the continent.

The landscape is beautiful and at sunset, you should see the record ball; In 500 million years granite boulders are fabricated in unique structures.

10. William Pound

The Willaim is located in a huge rock of 80 square kilometres, which is amazing.

Located in Flinders Range of South Australia, it is 450 km away from Adelaide.

A good place to stay is inside the National Park which is located within the mountains background.

The boundaries of Flinders are 100 million years old and a tour of the ancient landscape is really fascinating.

It is one of Australia’s best places to spy the endangered yellow stone wall.

11. Barossa Valley

What to do in Australia Barossa Valley

The Brasa Valley is home to Australia’s most famous grape gardens.

Here you can see wineries like Wolf Bloss, Lehman and Penfield.

A trip through the valley will take you through the grand countryside and it is best to hire a driver so that you can actually experience Barossa all the time.

Located in an hour outside Adelaide, it is a beautiful area to spend a few days.

12. Burra Homestead

Record album cover of famous Midnight Oil by Diesel and Dust, Burra Homestead has become a reputed centre for photographers in Australia.

Homestead had left the house for years and was still alone and alone on the roadside.

It’s easy to remember and we’ve made lots of trips to see it. Being a huge fan of music, we just had to see it with my eyes.

13. Lake Girdner

Gordon Lake is a salt lake in the Gavler range of South Australia.

It seems like you have stepped on another planet when you go to the lake. The lake itself is an impressive waterfall of the white landscape, but due to its surroundings in the Red Hills of Gower Range, it is a picture-perfect place.

14. Sydney Opera House

Places to visit in Sydney Opera House

This is definitely Australia’s most prestigious building and it is not disappointed with the dominance of the Sydney Skyline.

The Sydney Opera House opened in 1973 and became Australia’s top tourist attraction.

We never went inside the opera house while going to Sydney, but to revisit around it and remind the ideas from the waterway why it is one of the most respected places in the world.

Side note: I have heard that they are fixing the acoustics of the Opera House, so perhaps when we come back to Sydney, we will catch a concert.

14. Cable Beach

Cable Beach is the place where you might have seen those camels moving in the silhouette during sunset, but perhaps it never knew where it was.

It is not Australia’s longest beach, but at a length of 22 km, it is nothing to sneeze.

There are many tour companies who ride camels on the beach during sunset. Camel travelled from India to Australia in the 1800s to transport camels. Bad Australian landscape proved to be a better environment for camels than horses, and they helped to shape the history of the continent.

15. Blue Mountains

Located just 50 km (32 miles) from Sydney, Blue Mountains is another famous scene that attracts many visitors.

Three Sisters is the most prestigious scene of Blue Mountain. The Echo Point Lookout offers a spectacular view of the three sisters, which is towards the Jamison Valley.

16. Sydney Harbor Bridge

What to see in Australia’s Season Port Bridge

Next, to the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbor Bridge is one of the city’s iconic landmarks.

It connects CBD to North Shore and is the world’s largest steel bridge.

If you really want to be thrilled, you should board the Sydney Harbor Bridge. We ended the climb of Harbor Bridge in Brisbane, which was great, but I want to get enough energy to incorporate the Sydney Bridge!

17. South, West, North and East Australia

Outback includes a vast expanse of Australia that touches almost every state of the country. Upon going to Australia, you can not miss the outline of the trip.

We made a multi-day trip with Goalie Range Wilderness Safaris in South Australia and gave us an opportunity to experience all the miracles of Australia’s famous outback.

From salt lakes to red sand and rocks, you really feel like a pioneer.

When it is dry and dry, people live on outback and keep sheep and goats among kangaroos and emus.

18. Uluru

One of the most famous places of Albeck near Alice Springs is Uluru (also known as Ayers Rock).

World Heritage Site of UNESCO, is sacred to the indigenous people of the Uluru region. Unlike the flat desert landscape, 348 meters high is designed for a great place.

3 1/2 km long and spreads about 2 km wide, it is a popular halt on overland tourism.

19. Hamlin Bay Stingray

Hamilton Bay location in Australia

Compared to Hallin Bay, according to Mr and Mrs Bucket List, there is no better place to look for Stingray. Located in the Margaret River area, local sticks often give water to feed these local fishermen.

Stingray are very friendly, you can snorkel with them.

Apart from this, the Hamlin Bay photo is perfect, so it’s a beautiful place to spend some time.

20. Wine Glass Bay

you have not gone to Tasmania yet, but you can not include Australia Guides without mentioning Tasmania. We went once almost two years ago and there were many top places to look for in Tasmania and the chance to spy in Tasmanian Devil, this beaten path looks perfect for the destination.

We have shared a lot of friends with our favourite places on Instagram, and one place stands for our wine glass bay. We are going to suck on the beautiful beaches.


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