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If you love travelling and exploring new places Bihar is one of the places for you.

There are soo many places to visit in Bihar. Here is the list of “Top 8 places to visit in Bihar”

Why are you waiting? Go and visit Bihar and tell others about the beauty and culture of Bihar.

Bihar is one of the oldest city in India. It exists before the time of Mahatma Buddha. He got his enlightenment in Bodh Gaya. Bihar is the birthplace of the Buddha religion. There was a great ruler who ruled in India was from Bihar the great warrior Ashoka. Many tourists come to visit Bihar but they know about some places so, they miss the beauty of these places. Bihar has soo many historical evidence of many rulers and there works.


This is the capital of Bihar. There are soo many places to visit in Patna. Takht Sri Harmandir Sahib Ji -this is the place where 10th guru of Sikh Guru Gobind Singh was born. Hanuman mandir- holiest temple near Patna junction also has a floating stone kept in display and this temple also runs charitable trust from the money they get from devotee. Buddha Smriti park-Lovely clean green space in the centre of Patna to get relax between nature.ISKCON Temple Patna is a spiritual centre situated on the Buddha Marg. It is dedicated to Lord Krishna and is being made by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. A MUSEUM QUILA HOUSE -It was the old museum of Bihar. It is a private residential house on the banks of the Ganga river. NIT ghat-One of the best place in Patna on the bank of Ganga.Neat and clean.PATAN DEVI-This temple is Shaktipith situated in the Chowk area of Patna city near to the Gurudwara Granth Sahib. Although it’s a small temple in spite of that it’s very clean. TOMB OF MUGHAL ERA-It is situated at Maner around 30 Kilometer from Patna. It has a tomb built in the name of Makhdoom Shah Maneri.LADOO is the famous sweet of this place. The city is named after the manner mosque. PATHER KI MASJID- It is a very old mosque located near Mahendru near Patna NIT college. This mosque is located near a very busy and a very small road.ECO PARK-It’s an awesome place for weekends hangouts, picnics and little bit of adventurous activities like sliding, rock climbing etc. This place of Patna is highly recommended as compared to Delhi this Zoo is quite big and has more animals and Also another attraction is a Boating facility in Zoo. You can easily pass the whole day at this place with the facility of Food Shop facility in This Zoo. So go with Children and Family which surely good time pass.GOL GHAR-One can climb at the top of the Golghar through the 146 steps of its spiral stairway around it and see the most of Patna at that place love to see the whole city in one place. GANDHI MAIDAN-Patna is known for Gandhi Maidan. It is a must visit a place to experience the beauty of Patna from a single location.


Gaya is a holy city much religion. It is situated beside the Falgu River, in the northeast Indian state of Bihar.this city for 18th-century Vishnupad Mandir, a riverside temple with very beautiful architecture with a golden structure on the top. MAHABODHI TEMPLE- It’s an amazing historical place to visit and see the ancient relic of Buddhism. Meditation under the Mahabodhi tree and the smells of burning incenses will make you feel great. You’ll find peace and blessed for sure. Mahabodhi Temple is the earliest shrines for Buddha monk who come here from a different part of the world.Of all Mahabodhi Temple has the most excellent specimen of Indian brickwork as it’s the oldest structure became the role model for many later architectural works in India for much other historical building. BURMESE MONASTERY-A place of worship created by Burmese at Bodhgaya. A temple with other amenities for Burmese. Bodhgaya Archaeological Museum-Visit if you have the luxury of time. Contains some important ruins and statues. Also talks about the early life of Buddha. Muchalinda Lake-This place is related to Gautam Buddha. He spends his seventh weak at this place after Enlightenment. ROYAL BUDHAN MONASTERY-Peaceful and calm environment. A must visit in Bodhgaya. The monastery featuring depictions of the life of Lord Buddha in Clay Carvings attract millions of Buddhism followers from across the world.BARABAR CAVES-Its an astonishing cave of granite rock claimed to be the first man-made caves. The interiors are mind blowing with glazed granite walls. There are some ancient carvings inside the wall. VISHNUPAD TEMPLE-A nice temple, a legacy from the past.over 2000 years old. Thousands of pilgrims and visitors visit the temple for pind daan for the dead so that they can get to heaven and offering prayers for its historical and mythological importance. Supposed to be the only place in India where a woman can perform Shraddha. And the only place where one can do pind daan for the dead family members and the near and dear ones. There is a story that goddess Sita had performed Shraddha for Her parents.


Rajgir is an ancient city in the Indian state of Bihar. Surrounded by hills, it’s known for its holy sites and warm water kund for which many people come from different places to take bath. WARM WATER KUND-This place has warm water Kund. Before going inside the Brahm Kund, please take bath in the outer six Kunds so that your body gets adequate to Brahm Kund water temperature. Note: As per the Court’s order other religions are not allowed to take bath there. ASHOKA STUPA PEAK-Ashoka Stupa Peak is located in Rajgir. It is one of the most favoured tourist attractions of the place. Though the name of the monument is Ashoka Stupa Peak, it is essentially a stupa made of bricks.BIMBISAR JAIL-It was Jail build by Bimbisar and spend rest of his life being a prisoner here. Bimbisar was imprisoned by his sons in the lust of power for the rest of his life. There is a story that King Bimbisara was imprisoned here by his son for lust for power for the rest of his life. The King apparently had embraced Buddhism so completely that he submitted to this and chose a place closer to the hill where Gautama Buddha travelled every day so that he could watch him from his prison cell. SWARNA BHANDAR-Swarna Bhandar is an ancient site located in the town of Rajgir. This place is also known as Bimbisara Bhandar or Sonbhandar. Historian believed that the treasury of King Bimbisara is present in this cave which was searched by many kings and but no one able to get anything. VISHWA SHANTI STUPA-Vishwa Shanti Stupa- Japan Fuji Guruji constructed a World Peace Pagoda on Ratnagiri hill in1965. One may reach the top of the hill through ropeway or tracking. One may have a panoramic view from the top. It was a favourite place of Mahatma Buddha for meditation. PANDU POKHARA place is a heritage which speaks of the glorious history of Natural wealth. Spread out in an area of twenty-two acres, Pandu Pokhara is a truly magnificent example of Great India history dates.back to the Mahabharata. It tells the story of how king Pandu, the father of Pandavas attacked Rajgir earlier called Rajgriha and converted the place into a horse stable. GRIDDHAKUTA PEAK-Griddhakuta mountain is where Lord Buddha used to sit and preach.this is a very beautiful place. it will win your heart. The way to it is very simple. You go to the Vishwa Shanti Stupa by ropeway and then walk down a bit to take a diverted route to Griddhakuta mountain.


NALANDA is one of the ancient city in the world. It has a very vast heritage. It has the world first residential university. NALANDA UNIVERSITY-this is founded by Kumargupta-1 of Gupta dynasty. This place is simply amazing. It is  90kms from Patna you can go there by train or bus, if you are in Bihar you should visit this place to see the history and ancient culture. It used to be the university during the 5-12th century where people from across the world use to study! Aryabhatt invented the concept of zero staying here. The stupendous architecture and the science used for construction is awe inspiring. NALANDA ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM-The museum is located opposite the Nalanda ruins and houses priceless artefacts made of stone, metal, and mud, excavated from the site. Some of them have been damaged. Charred remains of the Nalanda University  (part of Nalanda was destroyed by fire) are stored in this museum.


Munger is another place which is popular among tourists in Bihar. Munger’s history is of the time of Aryans, who called Munger ‘Midland’ for his settlement. Munger is not an unknown name for Yoga lover, so expect a big foreign crowd at this place. The current Munger is a twin city, which includes Munger and Jamalpur. Before falling into the hands of the British, Munger was once the capital of Mir Qasim, one of the oldest cities in Bihar. There are many historical remains at this place, which further enhance the attraction here. Major Tourist Attractions:

Sri Krishna Vatika

Chandika Ashan

Katarina Ghat

Pir Shah Benefit Teerth

Sita Kund

Gurudwara in Piparapanti

Goenka pagoda

Baptist Mission


Kharagpur Lake

Mullah Mohammad Syed Grav Punch Kumari


Rameshwar kund

Munger’s fort

Sela Temple

Badi Durga Mama Temple

Jai Prakash Udayan

Black hill

Sita Kund

6.Navalakha Palace, Rajnagar

Navalakha PalacePhoto: Nestled in ruins, Navlakha Palace is located in Rajnagar near Madhubani in Bihar. This palace was built by Maharaja Rameshwar Singh and had said that in 1934, there was widespread destruction during the earthquake. After the destruction, no restoration was done, thus the palace now remains ruins. This is a royal palace and even if it has become so damaged, then no one can surprise its architectural talent. The palace complex included gardens, ponds and temples.

7.Hiuen Tsang Memorial Hall, Kundalpur

Hueen Tsang Memorial Hallhouse Tsang Memorial Hall, photo: Shubh Singh Singh looks like Soboba, this hall has been built in memory of the famous Chinese, Hiuen Tsang. It is believed that 5th century AD Hun Tsang visited Nalanda and was impressed with the place where he decided to stay here for 12 years to learn and learn. This Memorial Hall is a reflection of the artistic and academic grandeur of Nalanda University.

8.Jalmandir, Pavpuri

Jalamandir Pakpuri Photo: Muskan Sinha is located in Jamnandir, Pavpuri, important Jain pilgrimage in Bihar. Jalamandir Jain has been highly revered by the devotees because it is believed that this is the place where Lord Mahavira had breathed his last in 500 BC. It is considered a cremation ground for the last pilgrimage of the Jain sect. The legend is that the demand for the ashes of Lord Mahavira was so high that cremation ghats of large quantities had to be removed from the soil for the funeral. A white marble temple was built and it remains a significant Jain pilgrim centre in Bihar.

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